Sulbutiamine – Review and Dosage


As you might already know, the B1 Vitamin is vital for the brain’s function. You can find it in a variety of food such as cereal, nuts, meat, and yeast. A good part of the population has Vitamin B deficiency. You can see Neurobion as a supplement to treat Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 deficiency. My point is here, your overall function of the brain is going nowhere without these substances. Sulbutiamine, on the other hand, is synthetically derived from Vitamin B1  or often referred as Thiamine. Sulbutiamine is mostly used for its nootropic effects. If you lack vitamin B1 in your system, this can lead to problems with concentration span, memory, and overall mood.

Further mood complications can cause you to develop anxiety or depression. If you take sulbutiamine as a healthy and young individual, you will experience obvious nootropic effects.

It was synthesized for the first time in 1936 in Japan. It’s very closely related to the studies of thiamine at that time. They used sulbutiamine to treat beriberi, which is a disease caused by vitamin B1 deficiency. The disease was mostly spread in Japan and other Asian countries due to being dependent on white rice as a main source of food.

Sulbutiamine is also used for the treatment of asthenia. This condition causes chronic fatigue from a cerebral origin.

Sulbutiamine Effects

People who take sulbutiamine on a regular basis have an improved both short-term and long-term memory. They can store and recall pieces of information easily. The main reason this substance is used as a nootropic is that of its memory improvement function. Sulbutiamine increases the D1 dopamine receptors in your brain which are concentrated in the prefrontal cortex area.

The way it actually works

There is something called a blood-brain barrier or shortly referred to as BBB. This is a membrane which separates the blood circulating in your system from the brain fluid. The membrane is in the central nervous system (CNS). This barrier allows only certain chemicals from the blood to enter the brain. Such chemicals are gases, water, glucose, amino acids etc. Sulbutiamine can cross this barrier and deliver thiamine (vitamin B1) to the brain.

Once delivered, Thiamine prevents fatigue and improves memory formation and recall. Today any modern diet includes the supply of vitamin B1 in order to prevent any deficiency.

Sulbutiamine features higher levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate. This makes it powerful if you stack it with one of the nootropics from the racetams group or Noopept. If you choose to go with racetams, preferably pick Oxiracetam or Aniracetam.

Personal Experience and Thoughts

I have taken both thiamine in a complex with other B vitamins from the group and sulbutiamine. The first dosage was 150 mg which affected me very well. I had improved my mental energy but not as strong as some other nootropics. Bigger dosages such as 350-500 mg were not that pleasant. At least not for my brain chemistry, since we react in a unique way. A 350 mg dosage resulted in sweating followed by anxiety and moodiness.

Benefits as a Nootropic

  • Increased Levels of Sharpness and Energy

This effect is mainly due to the reaction of Sulbutiamine with dopamine level in the brain. Dopamine is an organic chemical concentrated in the brain. It acts as a neurotransmitter, released by the neurons (nerve cells). The neurons use the neurotransmitters to communicate with each other and form connections. The reaction between these two substances and one’s overall performance is still under medical research. It results in better focus and concentration on certain mental tasks, and improved perception of our surroundings.

  • Mood Improvement and Anxiety Reduction

The improved release of dopamine in one’s system can also affect general mood. Anxiety and depression are only consequences of what our mind fears and misunderstands. Based on user’s feedback, those who take Sulbutiamine regularly have improved ability to learn, be mentally active and durable. This triggers the release of dopamine which acts in a sense of fulfillment. The ability of Sulbutiamine to reduce Anxiety is also under ongoing medical research.

  • Motivation and Drive

Nootropic users report that Sulbutiamine is very effective when dealing with acute fatigue. Regular usage of the substance increases overall productivity, clarity and verbal abilities. Both studies and the user feedbacks imply that Sulbutiamine affects one’s motivation and drive while decreasing negative thinking and fatigue.

Stacking With Other Substances

Most of the nootropic users stack different nootropics for enhanced results.

Sulbutiamine beginner's stack

Huperzine A is a natural extract from a Chinese plant named Huperzia Serrata, it is highly effective in improving memory and learning. Today, Huperzine A is used for treating memory impairment in old ages and Alzheimer’s disease. It improves cognitive abilities while also acting as a neuroprotectant, studies show it protects neurons from damage due to glutamate.

Alpha GPC is a highly safe substance for nootropic use. It has very mild to no side effects and very low toxicity.

Sulbutiamine mood stack

The dosage of Noopept usually varies up to 50mg, when using it in a stack you should take lower dosages to prevent over-stimulation. It’s considered to be clinically safe with low toxicity levels. Anywhere from 25-30 mg of Noopept in this stack should be reasonable.

Since this stack focuses on regulating your mood, Aniracetam helps you reduce stress and Anxiety. This makes it a good choice for this stack. The preferred dosage of Aniracetam ranges from 1000-1500 mg per day, although it is recommended to divide it into two smaller doses.

Potential Side Effects

Sulbutiamine has a reputation with very little side effect reports among nootropics. There have been a few where users have experienced an increase in anxiety and irritability. The reports of having nausea as a side effect are very rare. Other than these, there are no other potentially harmful side effects. It is important to note that these side effects were experienced when larger doses than recommended were consumed.


Sulbutiamine is a very popular supplement, many worldwide nootropic seekers have positive feedback. It greatly improves mood, reduces anxiety, and affects cognitive function. The toxicity is very low and the substance is relatively safe to use.

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