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Optimind Review

Perhaps you’ve heard about Nootropics, so-called ‘smart drugs’ or cognitive enhancers? If not, you should know there’s a tremendous amount of buzz about them for good reason, with all sort of positive health, mind and wellness benefits attributed to them. But are they really ‘all that’? With this in mind, we decided to look closely at one of the most popular, and so without further ado here’s our Optimind Review.

Why should you consider taking this supplement?

Nootropics like this are renowned for enhancing cognitive processing, and have become extremely popular with executives, Wall Street traders, athletes, scientists and others industries where a clear mind, focus, and concentration are pivotal to success.

If ever you’ve felt that you have “too much on your mind’” or “you can’t think straight’” or simply would like mental clarity, Nootropics like Optimind have been proven to deliver impressive results.

What’s so special about Optimind though?

Given that this nootropic mix markets itself with the tagline “Unleash your mind”, it’s pretty clear there must be mental benefits in its use.

As a premium brain supplement, it is clearly marketed at customers who are looking to:

  • benefit memory function
  • improve concentration
  • enhance focus


Niacin(as Inositol hexanicotinate)30mg
Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine)20mg
(as Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate)
Onnit Tranquility Blend
(Valerian root Extract),
(Chamomile flower Extract),
Lemon Balm (Aerial parts Extract),
(Jujube seed Extract)
5-hydroxytryptophan (HTP)150mg
Inositol (as Inositol Hexanicotinate)12mg


In addition to these tremendous benefits, it is manufactured with the highest quality of ingredients. As a measure of its efficacy, its ingredients are patented (so as to prevent cheap imitators or rip-offs).

But is Optimind proven to work?

Of course, there are many products that claim similar results to Optimind but how many of these can offer the following:

Money-back guarantee

With a no-hassle refund promise, Optimind promises satisfaction – or your money back!

Clinically proven ingredients

Of course, any product is only as good as its ingredients, and an optimum product like Optimind only has the highest ingredients, such as:


  • patented Synapse, which uses the most potent form of bacon, and is clinically proven to enhance cognitive function, visual processing and retention of newly learned information.

Made in the USA with the highest approvals

Strictly quality controlled and certified by both the GMP and NSF, the nootropic mix is carefully manufactured in an FDA approved facility to meet the highest standards.

How safe is Optimind though?

It works straight away from the first day and is safe enough to take daily.

Given its provenance in quality ingredients, medical approvals, and a money-back satisfaction guarantee, it’s clear that it is both safe and effective in enhancing cognitive function, mental focus, and clarity.


Conclusion: Can you afford not to try Optimind?

So if you’ve read so far, what do you think?

Could this nootropic substance work for you, for example in helping clear your mind to focus on what really matters? Given it’s a risk-free decision, with a money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee, why not try Optimind today?

You can see a list of other similar nootropics in my Best Nootropics of 2017 article.

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