Coluracetam – Less Known Racetam Member

Coluracetam Review

Many of the Racetam reviews focus on other members of this group. Coluracetam is one of the less familiar. It is used for its nootropic properties, also known to increase human vision sharpness. This racetam is synthesized from Piracetam – also a member of the Racetam group. Medical community and researchers have a high interest in this substance. So do the nootropic benefit seekers.

In 2010 specifically, several trials were completed and Coluracetam looks promising for Depressive Disorder treatment, depression, and anxiety.

Coluracetam has common properties with its buddies from the Racetam group. But most of them are to separate as unique. There is evidence that the substance affects the brain areas where visual image processing occurs.

Compared to the other Racetams, it offers more at a lower dosage.

You can read more about the Racetam group here.

How Does Coluracetam work?

This nootropic synthesizes Acetylcholine. This is an important organic chemical in the brain. It acts as a vital neurotransmitter. It is released from cells as a form of communication to other cells. This substance is derived from acetic acid and choline. Choline also plays an important role and interacts with Coluracetam. The nootropic increases choline uptake which results in enhanced memory functioning. By increasing choline uptake, Coluracetam is linked to improved learning and reasoning.

Various sources recommend that you watch you get enough choline from food or take it as a supplement. You can eat more fish, dairy products, and spinach to make sure your choline level is okay. If you choose the second option, have in mind that choline is a member of the B vitamin group.

Possible Side Effects?

Synthesized nootropics are known to cause mild side effects. The intensity is different for a different person. You can experience dizziness and mild insomnia. These are very rare cases. The research is conducted mostly on animals. Most data available from humans is from user feedback, as it remains positive.

How to Take Coluracetam and Preferred Dosage

Coluracetam has very short half-life compared to the other racetams. The recommended dosage is 15-40mg per day. The half-life is only 3 hours. You should consider dividing your dosage into multiple smaller dosages. Additional supplements containing choline are also recommended. Such as Alpha GPC in dosages ranging from 350-700mg.

You will experience almost immediate results after taking Coluracetam, as short as 5-10 minutes. The effects last for the next 2-3 hours. Some of the people who have experience report that they even retain long-term results.

Overall Summary

It has two other names such as BCI-540 and MKC-231 in medical studies and research. It is a new member of the Racetam group. Developed in Japan and welcomed by the users. I personally have experienced very good, short-term and long-term results.









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