Adrafinil Review – User Experience And Benefits


Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic unlikely the supplement nootropics which are mostly extracted from herbs. Your body uses adrafinil in order to produce modafinil. This makes adrafinil a prodrug for modafinil production in your body.

This nootropic improves the effects of fatigue, which means it fights sleep but certainly does not cause hyperactivity or other unwanted side effects.

Taking this nootropic drug will lift your alertness level up and make fatigue less obvious. When taken on an empty stomach unlike modafinil, it takes 40-50 minutes for the metabolite to accumulate in the bloodstream and the effects to kick in.

Adrafinil was discontinued in 2011 in France, as it was previously used as a wakefulness and anti-sleep depriving agent. It was also first discovered in France by two chemists in 1974 who first tested adrafinil in trials on animals. Late night workers who needed to stay awake and alert also benefited from adrafinil.

It was introduced in 1984 under the name of Cephalon as a treatment drug for narcolepsy, later it was under the brand name Olmifon till 2011.

Benefits of Adrafinil

The best part of reviewing a nootropic is while going through the benefits. Most of the forum discussions online imply that people use adrafinil for its focus and concentration improvement abilities. While this being true, adrafinil has other benefits as well.

One of the other benefits is short-term memory enhancement. The short-term memory in your brain is used to store a limited amount of information and use it actively, but only for a short period of time.

It also improves reaction time in people who have trouble with sleep apnea or simply sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can seriously affect your day cycle. It includes symptoms of clumsiness, fatigue, and weight fluctuation.

This is why adrafinil is referred to as the wakefulness agent on the contrary to a stimulant. Despite all the above benefits, it also lifts general mood and improves subjective thinking. But not on the same level as some amphetamine-based drugs can – like Adderall.

So a quick overview of the benefits:

  • Mainly used for focus and concentration improvement
  • Improving reaction time and short-term memory – as secondary benefits
  • General mood improvement and subjective thinking

Adrafinil Side Effects

The side effects of this substance are very similar to the side effects of modafinil. Some experienced users report that if you take it later in the day you might experience insomnia. This is not really a side effect since it is up to you to coordinate your day cycle and does not refer to the drug in any way.

The substance also reduces appetite – this can be either a benefit or a bad side effect, it depends on the person’s shape. But in general, this type of nootropic drugs will limit or decrease your desire for caloric intake.

Due to the synthetic process in your liver, taking adrafinil increases the enzyme levels. This means that your liver is taking some extra load but it is not inherently a bad thing. Although it can interfere with your health and cause potentially unwanted effects. – This is the main reason adrafinil usage is not recommended for long-term usage as noted above.

Side effects summary quick summary for the lazy readers:

  • If you consume it later in the day you are most likely to experience insomnia
  • Reduces appetite – it can be a good or bad thing
  • Raises the enzyme production levels in your liver – puts extra load and strain to this organ

Adrafinil Long-Term Usage Caution

Taking adrafinil long term is highly not recommended. As mentioned above, this drug acts as a precursor for modafinil. This means your body will have to synthesize modafinil in your liver. There is not enough research data so far according to studies that guarantee liver safety.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned both substances.

Trial Notes

In trials that were conducted on rats first, after ingesting adrafinil in doses of 20 milligrams per kg (mg/kg) the half-life was approximately 5 hours. Remains were detectable even after 7-8 hours after oral ingestion.

Trials on humans were conducted later, they used doses approximately to 900mg. The substance was noticed in the bloodstream in about an hour. Neurological effects were present after 45-60 minutes when the conversion to modafinil started.


A Reminder and Summary

The main benefits for which adrafinil is used are focus and concentration improvement. – Also, the two main reasons for which the substance is referred to the wakefulness agent.

  • There is a case report by several patients where they indicate that usage of adrafinil improved their interest in sex
  • Trade names include Olmifon and Cephalon, the drug is sometimes referred to as CL-40028
  • In some countries, it was not used until lately because of fear not to be used as a party drug

Important facts to remember

  • It can reduce appetite
  • Raising enzyme secretion in the liver
  • The main nootropic benefit is focus and memory concentration
  • Other benefits include short-term memory improvement and lowered reaction time, as well as general mood improvement

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